Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Puglia 1: Reflections on Blogging

While enjoying our wonderful annual trip to Italy (this year to Puglia) I had ample time to ponder what I'd blog about upon my return to the States. I also had plenty of time to discuss my blogging habits with the Sheck (my wife, a librarian, and an avid blogger) and how they fit into the norms of blogosphere culture. Upon my return, friends and colleagues offered me feedback and constructive criticism as well. Oddly enough, it seems folks want to know more about my story, my travels, what i'm thinking, the evolution of an idea, etc. And they want to see more pictures and links to other blogs or material I read. Truthfully, I have approached my blog more as my tasting log as well as a wine learning tool for others- and less as a journal of my thoughts and experiences, much less a personal expose. Perhaps I have had too narrow of a view of what I should include on my blog about wine- overly concerned it might become a blog about something else or simply about me. As I've been preparing my slide show (with the assistance of a high-tech, striking librarian) I realized that there really is a world of topics and issues to discuss that are interesting, personal, and relevant to wine. So expect to read and see more about food, travel, culture, hospitatlity, sustainability, etc. And perhaps even a little bit about me too!


The Sheck said...

I can't wait!

UULA said...

I must agree with the sheck. I too can't wait. We're so far away, you have to give us a little bit of YOU on these here internets.


p.s. you should allow anonymous comments so people don't need a blogger account to post - your striking librarian can probably help you on that one.